Tuesday 14 July 2020
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European Roulette for the gaming club

Европейская рулеткаElectronic European roulette with audio in Russian and English languages ​​is designed for individual game of the client for a personal computer in an Internet cafe.

The game process is a continuous cycle of independent games and does not require the participation of additional personnel. Each game spin begins after the player presses the "START"

The order of the game corresponds to the game on the classic European roulette with the dealer. Game combinations exactly repeat the bet on a real table.

The only difference from this roulette table is the high-quality 3D-graphics of the game wheel of European roulette.

On the monitor in front of the player are a graphic image of the roulette field and a game 3D wheel.

You can make bets by clicking on the game keyboard in the form of a European roulette game field (if the monitor is touch-sensitive, then bets can be made by simply touching the display).


The monitor displays the player's stakes, as well as the number of credits, the total rate of the current game, winning bids, the number of credits won, the current spun number, the last 10 numbers dropped, and text messages.

To start the player should purchase the credits from cyber-cafe operator. Depositing the credit is conducted via the operator's program installed on the administrative computer. To withdraw the credit the customer should refer to the operator as well. Won credits of the player are paid in cash at the cash register of the cyber-cafe

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