Wednesday 26 January 2022
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The place of the operator in electronic European roulette

Complete maintenance of statistics, logs, counter values for each computer separately and common counters throughout the hall on the side of the operator program. You will always have detailed, clear statistics for resolving disputes with operators and customers.

The menu of calculating / withdrawing credits

The roulette settings menu. More information about working with the menu can be found here.

A playing place in electronic European roulette

Each slot is designed for simultaneous play of one person. The operations performed by the player from his playing place are visually not available on any other computer, except for the operator's computer.

On the roulette game board at the top of the display, the player displays the last 10 dropped numbers. Accommodation is from left to right. From the left edge is the last dropped number, and from the right edge - the tenth.

At the bottom of the game board are information text fields: "Credit" (the number of credits from the player), "Bet" (the size of the current bet), "Win" (the number of credits won for the last spin) and the message information field.

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