Saturday 11 July 2020
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Inter Races betting software package

Inter Races for betting on horse racing, Greyhound racing and lottery keno betting systems

 Букмекерская программа Inter RacesSoftware betting complex «Inter Races» is a powerful and reliable solution for bookmaking and gaming Internet clubs.

The program allows betting on horse racing, Greyhound racing and keno. Using our product, You get the opportunity-the-clock video broadcasts races of horses and dogs, and the organization of carrying out of lottery keno with a time interval that You set for yourself!

Because video races and sweepstakes runs of keno are broadcast on the television screens of large size, You will bring in Your place a large number of players and are guaranteed to receive high profit!

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Bets on dog races and horse races

The program bookmaker "Inter Races" allows you to broadcast horse racing and dog races at your betting point (bookmaker's office or internet club) and accept and pay bets on races!

You can broadcast sports events on TVs with a large diagonal 24/7! Our betting complex is easy to install and operate.

Not all, after hearing the word run, think about dogs or horses.


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