Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Bets on dog races and horse races

The program bookmaker "Inter Races" allows you to broadcast horse racing and dog races at your betting point (bookmaker's office or internet club) and accept and pay bets on races!

You can broadcast sports events on TVs with a large diagonal 24/7! Our betting complex is easy to install and operate.

Not all, after hearing the word run, think about dogs or horses.


In fact, bets on such sporting events are very popular all over the world. Dog races are races of dogs in the stadium, as a rule, a breed of greyhounds. Participants chase a mechanical bait. The program for betting office dog runs is very flexible and allows you to bet on different outcomes of events.


- Broadcasts of races and races around the clock 24/7

- A beautiful and intuitive interface for the owner, operators and players

- Betting for races of 6 and 8 horses or dogs

- Convenient management for staff and detailed statistics for the owner

- KEY INSTALLATION! No interest and monthly payments!

- The minimum set of equipment for starting work

Забеги собак  Собачьи бега  Лошадиные скачки

Сервер для приема ставок  Ставки на лошадиные скачки  Оператор приема ставок

- A large number of types of betting on races

- Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

- The accumulative JACKPOT and changing coefficients on the outcomes of events

- High and stable income from taking bets on races

- Technical support and free updates

- Broadcast on widescreen TVs

букмекерская программа  клиент ставок  тикет

Race Chek

- A fascinating gameplay for visitors to your institution

- The program works even at the lowest Internet speed

- High reliability, security and stable operation of the program

- Flexible program settings, the ability to manually select the type of race

- Export of financial reports and statistics

- Interval between races you install yourself!

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