Tuesday 19 September 2017
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KENO lottery game for bookmakers and gambling clubs

 Лотерейная игра КЕНО тиражиTraditional game KENO is a kind of lottery similar to lotteries such as "Bingo" or "Sportloto".

Draw is carried out by randomly dropping twenty numbers in the range from 1 to 80, the win is determined based on the number of numbers guessed by the player, and the winning ratio depends on the number of numbers on which the bet was made, as a rule, the player can choose from 1 to 10 numbers.

The program complex "Inter Keno" is an interactive analogue of the entertaining lottery game KENO (Keno). The program is designed for use in Internet cafes or bookmakers and allows you to conduct public editions of the Keno lottery.

Bidding for keno is carried out from the operator's computer, and the results of KENO's draws are output to the second monitor (or plasma panel), so to start work you will need a minimum set of equipment: a computer and a second monitor.


Description of the work of the program Inter KENO

As an extension, the program supports work with a receipt printer and a barcode scanner, which allows you to work more comfortably with the Inter KENO program and speed up the process of accepting bets and paying out winnings in KENO.

This program complex KENO has flexible settings, the choice of currency for your country, as well as complete statistics for all editions of KENO, accepted, canceled and paid rates. This type of lottery is very popular among players all over the world, which in turn provides the owner of the institution a stable income!

The program complex Inter KENO consists of two main modules:

The Inter KENO operator module is the main window of the program management, it accepts bets, cancellations and payment of tickets.

Оператор тиражей КЕНО

The Inter Keno animation module is displayed on the second screen of the computer (TV), and serves for public viewing of the result of the circulation by players, as well as information on the seven previous circulations, the payout table.

Программа КЕНО

The process of the KENO draw is as follows: The operator accepts a bet on the numbers indicated by the player, after which the program prints a check (if there is a printer), which displays the bet amount, selected numbers, the date and time of the operation, as well as the bar code with the ticket number , After which the client expects the beginning of the circulation, to which the bet was made. The number of bets accepted for one draw is not limited, there is also the possibility of opening a ticket at once.

After the start of the run, an animated drawing begins on the second screen, 20 balls with numbers appear alternately on the screen. The player checks the winning numbers with those indicated in his ticket. Thus, an unlimited number of players can participate in one run. At the end of the run, the second screen will again display information on the rates for the next print run.

At the end of the next run, in the event of a win, the player gives the ticket to the operator, the operator reads the ticket number with a bar code scanner (or enters it manually in the absence of a scanner), after which the program issues data on the ticket and, if the ticket is a winning ticket, the operator pays the winnings specified Program, after payment the program displays a check confirming the issue of the winnings.

For more information on working with the program, please see the Instruction manual


100% Offline! The main advantage of Inter Keno over similar systems is the work in the "Offline" mode, i.e. The program has no bindings to the server, its operation does not require access to the Internet, you have full control over the management of the program.

Having once installed our system you do not have to pay interest for connection to the server, accordingly you receive 100% of the profit from the lottery.

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