Tuesday 19 September 2017
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Installing and configuring the KENO lottery program

Installation instructions can be viewed on the example of the installation of the Demo version

The Settings menu is available only for the administrator (owner) and contains four sections:

1. Setup - global program settings: minimum / maximum rate, currency, circulation interval, type of circulation, way of circulation.

Настройка тиража КЕНО

2. Users - user management section of the program

Розыгрыш КЕНО

3. Reports - the complete statistics for each draw - the ticket id, the date of the bet, the time of the run, the result of each ticket, the name of the cashier who took the bet, the payout date, the amount of the ticket win, the name of the cashier who paid the winnings.

Результаты тиража КЕНО

4. Statistics - the most detailed accounting statistics for a day or for a period of time: how many rates were accepted, the amount of bets made, the number of canceled bets, the amount of payments made, etc.

Статистика КЕНО

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