Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Piggy Keno software for drawing lotteries

Interactive animated lottery Piggy Keno

 Лотерея Piggy KenoTraditional game KENO is a kind of lottery similar to lotteries such as "Bingo" or "Sportloto".

The circulation is carried out by randomly dropping twenty numbers in the range from 1 to 80, the winning is determined based on the number of numbers guessed by the player, and the winning ratio depends on the number of numbers on which the bet was made, usually the player can choose from 1 to 8 numbers.

The program complex "PIGGY KENO" is an interactive analogue of the entertaining lottery game KENO. The program is designed for use in Internet cafes or bookmakers and allows you to conduct public editions of the Keno lottery.

Bets are accepted from the operator's computer, and the results of the runs are displayed on the second monitor (or plasma panel), so to start working you will need a minimum set of equipment: a computer and a second monitor.

Read more: Description Piggy KENO

Installation and setup of interactive lottery Piggy KENO

Installation instructions can be viewed on the example of the installation of the Demo version

The Settings menu is available only for the administrator (owner) and contains three sections:

1. General - global settings of the program: minimum / maximum rate, currency, language of the program, the interval of runs, type of circulation, the way of circulation, the formulation of the program.

Настройки Piggy KENO

Read more: Installation and config

Instructions for using the lottery Piggy KENO


Операторская часть Piggykeno

Login to the administrative panel is carried out by the pair LOGIN / PASSWORD. There are three types of users:

1. Administrator - has all the rights. Can configure game parameters, view / reset statistics of past runs, monitor cashiers and managers, and create additional inputs for them

2. Manager - has access to the statistics section and can monitor cashiers, take and print statistics of past runs.

3. Cashier - directly accepts bets from those who wish to participate in the circulation, makes payments, can only view short statistics.

Read more: Work instruction

Recommended system requirements for the Piggy KENO lottery


Processor (CPU) - Pentium IV and higher

RAM - 1 Gb and higher

Video card 256 Mb and above, with the ability to connect two monitors

Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

 Attention! For the correct operation of the program you need to provide direct access to the hard disk, for this in Windows Vista and Windows 7 it may be necessary to disable UAC, as well as to ensure that access to the disk is not limited to antiviruses and firewalls!

The program displays animation and results of runs on a second computer monitor with a resolution of up to 1920x1080 (Full HD) inclusive!

It is recommended to use a video card with two DVI outputs, connecting a second monitor (TV) via the DVI-HDMI adapter


Read more: System requirements

Reports and statistics of the lottery program Piggy KENO

The "Reports" button - enters the full statistics menu of the Piggykeno program.

Статистика пигги кено

1. Statistics - in this section you can see the Short / General statistics.

Short statistics - this is a daily report, which includes the amount of open, canceled, paid tickets, balance (profit) and the total amount of unpaid tickets

General statistics - statistics for the entire period of work. You can select any day, period, and view the detailed report.

2. Tickets - detailed statistics on tickets. There is an opportunity to view the report on delivered, canceled, winning, paid tickets for any period of time, or for each individual print run.

3. Draws - detailed statistics on past editions.

Read more: Report and statistics

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