Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Instructions for using the lottery Piggy KENO


Операторская часть Piggykeno

Login to the administrative panel is carried out by the pair LOGIN / PASSWORD. There are three types of users:

1. Administrator - has all the rights. Can configure game parameters, view / reset statistics of past runs, monitor cashiers and managers, and create additional inputs for them

2. Manager - has access to the statistics section and can monitor cashiers, take and print statistics of past runs.

3. Cashier - directly accepts bets from those who wish to participate in the circulation, makes payments, can only view short statistics.

After the authorization, the menu for receiving bets becomes active.

A table of 80 cells with numbers (duplicated by TV-panel). In this table, the cashier fixes the rate of the player who wants to participate in the draw (from 1 to 8 numbers).

Menu "Random choice" - the name speaks for itself - you can randomly select numbers and make a bet on them (from 1 to 8 numbers).

Menu "Forecast for" - after selecting the number of numbers to be bet on, you can choose the number of runs in which this combination of numbers will participate (1, 2, 4, 5, 10 runs).

For example, the player chose 6 numbers for participation in the draw: 1, 28, 73, 44, 55, 9 and made a forecast for 5 draws. This combination (1, 28, 73, 44, 55, 9) will automatically take part in the next 5 drawings.

The "SUM" menu is the choice of the amount of the bet for the next print run. The administrator can specify the minimum and maximum bet limits in the program settings.

Button "Clear" - when you click on "Clear", the selected numbers from the table are deleted. It is used in cases when the cashier was mistaken when accepting a bet from the player, or the next player started receiving a bet.

Button "Cancel" - the ability to cancel the bet on the circulation before it starts. If the circulation has begun - cancellation is not possible.

Отмена тиража КЕНО

Button "Ticket" - confirmation of the acceptance of the bet. After clicking on the button, the ticket is considered accepted, printed out on the receipt printer, handed over to the player, entered in the Statistics section and waits for the end of the drawing.

Открытие билета КЕНО

"Draw" button - after clicking on the button, a drawing of the draw starts, which is visually visible on the TV-panel.

In the program PiggyKeno, there are three modes of circulation:

1. Manual - the circulation starts after pressing the "Circulation" button. That is, the cashier can start the rally at any time (for example, if there are no more willing to participate in the circulation).

2. Automatic (automatic) - the circulation starts automatically after a certain time interval. The interval can be specified in the administrator settings. For example, if the option is equal to 10, the runs will start at an interval of 10 minutes and players will have to make a bet before the start of the draw.

3. Mixed - the circulation will start, as in automatic mode, after a certain time interval, but the cashier will have the opportunity to start the drawing ahead of schedule by pressing the "Circulation" button.

Button "Payment" - at the end of the circulation, if there is a prize, the player can go to the cashier, present the ticket and receive the winnings. The cashier can check the ticket number in the "Payout" menu, or read the bar code from the player's ticket and pay the winnings.

Выплата билета КЕНО


The image of the playing field is displayed on the plasma TV and players can visually observe the progress of the circulation.

Игровое поле Piggy Keno

If the draw has not yet begun, the demo mode is active on the TV. Players can view the paytable and the results of the last three runs.

Таблица выплат КЕНО

If the draw was played by JackPot, the amount of the jackpot and the ticket number that won it are displayed on the screen.

Джекпот Piggykeno

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