Tuesday 7 April 2020
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Champagne slot machine

champagne logo

Now the online gambling industry is developing by leaps and bounds - every month there are high-profile news, you can find thousands of different video slots in the vast network. But there are legends that do not age for decades, even against the background of their modern counterparts. A striking example is the slot machine Champagne  from a set of Mega Jack Casino Technology company.

This slot is very colorful and has a classic fruit theme. of course Champagne is always served with fresh fruit. Grapes, cherries, watermelon, pineapples are moved on 5 reels on 21 paylines. The player calmly sails to the wonderful island on his luxury yacht, relaxed drinking sparkling wine. If the prize line during the trip will fall the same symbols mixed with wild-coat of arms with the letter E . In this case, you will win big!

Also, when the three symbols scatter " $ " player gets 15 free spin, and if you drop a full line of Champagne, it will be a great bonus.

Play the slot machine Champagne  and cheer yourself up! Champagne in the morning drink aristocrats, idiots and those who play this wonderful slot!

champagne 2

The characteristics of the slot machine Champagne:

  • 21 game lines on 5 reels;
  • bet from 5 to 5,000 coins per line;
  • wild symbol-coat of arms with the letter E;
  • scatter symbol -" $»;
  • 15 free spins by getting 3 or more scatter symbols;
  • bonus game ("party»);
  • AutoPlay feature.
  • Manufacturer: Casino Technology (Mega Jack)

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