Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Interesting slot machines from the developer Duomatic 

The online gambling and online casino market is clearly oversaturated in the last decade. Place under the sun took large software developers such as Novomatic Gaminator and Igrosoft. In this regard, it is more and more difficult for beginners to make their way to success and make a product that players will definitely like. But slot machines from the company Duomatic could take a worthy place among the video slots of other more venerable developers. This contributed to the creative thinking and imagination of workers Duomatic. They were able to make a decent product out of the already familiar and hackneyed stories that will decorate any online casino!

Each Duomatic slot machine has:

- An interesting story that will appeal to any avid player.

- Bright, memorable main characters with whom you want to meet again and again.

- Interesting game mathematics, which allows you to earn the owner of the slot machine and get the winnings to the player.

- User-friendly interface coupled with colorful animation and high-quality sound makes duomatics a modern attraction.

Slot machines Duomatic (Duomatic) has a little more than 10 games. The developers have focused on the quality, not the quantity of their software and have not lost. Each slot is unique and popular among fans of gambling pastime. Calligula, Chukcha, Fairy Land - these are the real samples of how video slots should be made! In General, you can talk about duomatic slot machines for a long time, but we recommend you just play them and evaluate their cool performance!

Fairy Land 2 (frogs) slot machine by Duomatic

fairy land 4

Slot machine Fairy Land 2 (frog) was developed by Duomatic. The developers Duomatic particularly unknown to the gaming community, unlike their counterparts in Novomatic and Igrosoft.

Yet their multiplayer 13 igrulka popular in the narrow circles of modern players.

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Calligula slot machine by Duomatic

caligula slot logo

The slot machine from Duomatic Calligula will immerse you in the gloomy atmosphere of the reign of the most cruel Emperor in history. About the cruelty of Caesar Caligula made a film Tinto Bross with an erotic bias. And if you watched it, you definitely want to poshpilit in this video slot.

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Slot machine Black Horse от Duomatic

blacxk horse

For all horse racing enthusiasts, Duomatic has created a black horse slot machine with 15 paylines and a maximum line bet of up to 50 credits. That's right - nothing to play on the little things-put on the run can afford only wealthy players. So don't skimp and get behind the black horse slot to test your luck!

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Slot machine Chukchi Man from the company Duomatic

Chukcha logo

A Grand story about the inhabitants of the Northern regions of the Earth you will learn if you dare and sit down to play for the slot machine Chukchi Man (Chukcha) from the company duomatic. The main highlight of the video slot Chukcha is a great colorful graphics and sparkling humor of developers. Chukotka will no longer seem like a harsh land to you. You will understand that you can have fun and frost in -50 degrees Celsius!

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Whisky Duomatic slot machine

whisky logo

Do you want to feel the atmosphere of a Czech beer bar? Slap a blonde waitress on the ass, fight a local bitch, drink a few pints of beer, eat smoked fish? Then you urgently need to play the slot machine Whisky? which is also called "Devils" by analogy with the game Lucky Drink.

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