Saturday 4 April 2020
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Crazy Hunter slot machine from Duomatic company

crazy haunter

Every player familiar with video slots Igrosoft, immediately realize sitting behind the slot machine Crazy Hunter from the company Duomatic, that he is almost one in one like Lucky Hunter (drunkard). In fact, it's no secret that the duomatist took most of the stories from the programs of other developers, but nevertheless their devices are also popular among the gambling public.

Many believe that Crazy Hunter translates as"crazy hunter". But in fact, the correct translation sounds like - " Crazy regulars." You will understand the correctness of the translation after seeing the animation of this slot machine. The main character is a Drunkard sitting in a bar and turns the reels on 25 paylines. The line consists of prize combinations of symbols of beer jams, bottles, glasses and snack crackers. The scatter symbol of course is a horseshoe, where without it. Any symbols that stand hardly with a horseshoe give good payouts. And our Drunkard so reckless dude that he will be guessing to increase your winnings. In divination it is necessary to choose the beer cans with numbers on them. If your number is more than the number of the bartender-you won and the Bartender will pour another Cup of beer.

Lucky haunter 1

Bonus game with the same meaning as in Lucky Hunter. Before You 5 beer caps on the counter. Turn them over and most importantly do not catch the inscription under the mug "Exit". If this does not happen, the player enters the second bonus round with two closed trays. Open the tray and if there is a chicken - you multiply your bet by 500 times! Slot machine Crazy Haunter created exclusively for a male audience and is sure to delight men-players of his alcoholic issues.

Features of Crazy Hunter Duomatic slot machine:

* Drums: 5.
* Lines: 25.
* Wild symbol: Yes.
* Wild multiplier: none.
* Bonus game: Yes.
* AutoPlay: Yes.
* Game on doubling: Yes.
* Free spins (spins): Yes.

Manufacturer: Duomatic slots

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