Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Monkey Boy slot machine

monkey boy logo

Be sure to try to play the game machine Monkey Boy, if before you loved to spire in the Crazy Monkey from Igrosoft. In this case, the continuation is much better than the original and you will understand why! More lines, higher bet, richer payouts! Plus, the level of graphics and animation has reached a higher level.

Funny monkey will take the player on a tour of the gambling world of the jungle and introduce his friends: long-nosed toucans, mobile snakes, lions and dragons. Also it will feed you bananas if you eliminate while traveling. All these symbols will dance on 25 paylines with a maximum bet of up to 1250. Drawing pictures really at the highest level and very beautiful. You will get a real pleasure from the bright colors of the jungle and go crazy with crazy monkey payouts.

monkey boy 2

Slot machine Monkey Boy has two exciting bonus rounds. The first will be able to choose from 5 vines, the ends of which are attached cash prizes , or a coconut, which falls on the head of the player and stun him. And while he will lie unconscious, cheerful monkey will steal all the accumulated winnings. The second bonus round will take you to the flimsy suspension bridge, where you try to put the treasure in the cart. if the bridge breaks, you've lost!

monkey boy 3

There is also a risk-a game to multiply existing winnings. Here everything is classic-guess the card and win. In General, the slot machine Monkey boy from Duomatic will definitely appeal to you!

Features of Monkey Boy Duomatic slot machine:

* Drums: 5.
* Lines: 25.
* Wild symbol: Yes.
* Wild multiplier: Yes.
* Bonus game: Yes.
* AutoPlay: Yes.
* Game on doubling: Yes.
* Free spins (spins): Yes.

Manufacturer: Duomatic slots

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