Tuesday 23 October 2018
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Slot machine Lucky Hunter

lucky haunter 2Sit down for a slot machine Lucky Hunter popularly known as "CORK" and you will find yourself in a cozy beer and get acquainted with a blue-haired drunkard named Lucky hunter. Sit down, relax, drink a couple of Beers with the bartender and start the game!

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Keks slot machine Igrosoft

keks 3

Everyone knows the cautionary tale about Kolobok, who left everyone. Igrosoft has created a slot machine Keks (stove) and told the story in a new interpretation of gambling.

Our hero named Cupcake travels along 9 lines, located on 5 spinning reels and collects in a number of bagels, balalaika, accordion and bagels, while winning solid cash prizes.

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Gnome slot machine by Igrosoft


Always surprised in their Igrosoft video slots creates interesting characters with whom the player have fun with the excitement and jointly seek wealth. Slot machine Gnome  from Igrosoft was no exception.

The protagonist dwarf miner travels through the dark mines and tries to dig up real valuable treasures in the mud!

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Island Igrosoft slot machine


On the lost island in the ocean lives Robinson, or rather trying to survive. And Your task is to start playing the slot machine Island from Igrosoft to help him in this.

Feel free to press the "START" and go along with the main character to look for canned "tourist Breakfast", scare away the seagulls from strategic stocks and try to escape from the island, sailing on a homemade raft.

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Garage slot machine

garage logo

Which player from the 2000s does not remember the slot machine Garage? No. Garage has always been one of the ten most popular slot machines in any club and casino.

The slot allowed to plunge into the atmosphere of garage partnership, to have a rest from routine of weekdays, family cares and to relax properly!

This is an interesting slot with 9 paylines on 5 reels. Feature Garage from other games Igrosoft is a variety of bonus games.

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