Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Gnome slot machine by Igrosoft


Always surprised in their Igrosoft video slots creates interesting characters with whom the player have fun with the excitement and jointly seek wealth. Slot machine Gnome  from Igrosoft was no exception.

The protagonist dwarf miner travels through the dark mines and tries to dig up real valuable treasures in the mud!

The player will be in the atmospheric fairy-tale world of the underground Kingdom of dwarves, where he will not only treasure with diamonds, but also podsterigayut danger at every step. A couple of incorrect spins and you and the trolley instead of gems will result in green acid and the game will be over.

To go on a journey through the dungeons you need to choose from one to nine paylines, place a bet on the line and start spinning the reels of the slot machine Gnome. With a successful spin at the loss of three to five carts, you will go with the prize game, where the Gnome after your choice will check the contents of 5 carts. If fortune is on the side of the player, all the treasures will be collected and you can try your luck in the super game "Secret mine"!

gnome 2

Gnome slot machine was released by Igrosoft much later than its main hits like Fruit Cocktail, Crazy Monkey, Garage and other video slots. But nevertheless he quickly became izvetsnym and popular among visitors casino. All thanks to a new story and familiar gameplay igrosoft.

Features of Gnome slot machine:

* Drums: 5.
* Lines: 9.
* Jackpot: 500000.
• Wild symbol: Yes.
• Scatter symbol: Yes.
* Wild multiplier: Yes.
• Bonus game: Yes.
* AutoPlay: no.
* Doubling game: Yes.
* Free spins (spins): no.

Manufacturer: Igrosoft

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