Friday 27 November 2020
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Resident slot machine (Safes)

Resident slotResident slot machine is a real bomb among the video slots the Igrosoft company. This game was mega popular on a par with the machine Crazy Monkey. In the center of the plot Spy Stirlitz and radio operator kat, who entered the headquarters of the enemy and trying to steal secret documents. Naturally in this them prevent suppostaty, putting dynamite in safes with values.

The gameplay in the Resident classic slot is 9 lines, 5 reels, a bet of up to 225 credits. Collect the lines of the order, a bottle of schnapps, books with secret documents and priblizites to the bonus game "Safes" in which You will have a difficult choice of the 4 safes. If you're lucky - after hacking You will get the treasure, and military maps with the multiplication of Your inserting many times. If you are not lucky - all the contents of the safe explode and you throw out of the bonus game. If you successfully open all 4 safes, you will get to prison where you will be able to rescue the radio operator kat and to receive multiplication of your rate to 500 times!

resident 2

Just Resident slot machine from Igrosoft has a risk game. Come on in, take risk, multiply the prizes dozens of times. To win the divination you need to open a card older than the dealer's card.

It is for this video slot Resident is so popular and many players love to have fun on it. Car chases, shootouts, explosions, spy tricks, the constant danger - it's all there in Resident slot machine.

Characteristics of gaming machine Resident (Safes, Resident, Stirlitz):

* Drums: 5.
* Lines: 9.
* Jackpot: 500000.
• Wild symbol: Yes.
• Scatter symbol: Yes.
* Wild multiplier: Yes.
• Bonus game: Yes.
* AutoPlay: no.
* Doubling game: Yes.
* Free spins (spins): no.

Manufacturer: Igrosoft

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