Friday 27 November 2020
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Slot machine Rock Climber (Cliffhanger)


Everyone loves dangerous adventures-both adults and children. Slot machine Rock Climber (Climber) will help you get your shot of adrenaline from the comfort of home and not getting up from the computer. This is a dizzying slot about climbing a fearless climber to the top of mount Everest.

Stock up on provisions, prepare climbing equipment, dress warmly and forward to the conquest of gambling Peaks!

In the Arsenal of our hero tent, pickaxe, rope with a hook "cat", a warm jacket and a backpack with food. All these items will be collected in the prize intersection on the paylines of the five reels of the slot machine Climber (Rock Climber). There is also a flagpole, which is a symbol of "WILD". It intersects with all other symbols. The actual player's objective to obtain maximum prize comuntiy and parallel to catch the ropes with a hook at the three slot reels. When you drop these icons you will go to the bonus game, where choosing from 5 ropes try to climb the mountain peak. Having conquered it, the player will receive a super prize-multiplication total beta to X500. Once Your journey is over, you can start again. And to increase your game Fund - you can resort to divination on the risk game. If there is a win on the line, you can enter the doubling mode and try to kill the dealer's card. With some luck, you can increase your winnings tenfold.

rocklimb 3

We recommend Rock Climber slot machine for all lovers of rock climbers and mountains. Sit down, play, have fun!

Features slot machine Rock Climber (Cliffhanger):

* Drums: 5.
* Lines: 9.
* Jackpot: 500000.
• Wild symbol: Yes.
• Scatter symbol: Yes.
* Wild multiplier: Yes.
• Bonus game: Yes.
* AutoPlay: no.
* Doubling game: Yes.
* Free spins (spins): no.

Manufacturer: Igrosoft

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