Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Beetle Mania Deluxe slot machine (Deluxe Beetles)

bmania delux logo

It just so happened that most people do not like insects and even afraid of them. But if you sit down at the slot machine Beetle Mania Deluxe (Deluxe beetles), you will definitely change your opinion about cute insects. After all, they are not evil and very musical!

They are ready to make friends with you and even perform for you a concert jazz-rock band. And if you pay for their performance, buying credits for the game on the slot, they will give the player gorgeous prizes and big wins!

The Deluxe version is quite different from the classic Beetle Mania. It improved everything-drawing cute insects, the number of lines, the maximum rate, the quality of sound and image. Animation of this slot is in high resolution HD. Just a cool feature and the feature of the slot machine Beetle Deluxe is the ability to stop the reels during spinning. That is, the player himself at the right time can affect the course of the game session. Clap on the Start button and the reels will be a cheerful bee, which is a WILD symbol and is split with other symbols - with a Golden-winged butterfly, a dull worm, tortured snail.

bmania delux 1

And if the order from the first to the third reel to catch the symbols of musical notes, the bonus game "Bug concert-Hello" will begin. And it is here that the protagonist and the helper will be shamelessly pumped fidgety ladybug. During the free spins, it will multiply all the prize payouts twice, which will amuse the saddened player who spent the last money on a bottle of cheap beer. Now he thanks to the fact that he sat down for the slot machine Beetle Mania Deluxe (Beetles Deluxe) won a large sum of money and will be able to treat yourself to a decent whiskey, treat friends, listen to the singing obscurantist beetle orchestra and fill another kosarek in the equipment, rubbing his hands.

bmania delux 3

As well video slot the Beetle is the classic guessing chances in the format red/black. Take risks and you will be happy!

bmania delux 2

Characteristics of Beetle Mania Deluxe slot machine (Deluxe Beetles):

  • Number of reels-5
  • Number of paylines-10
  • Maximum bet Max Bet-1000 credits
  • The maximum payout is 500 000 credits
  • Bonus game - NO
  • Win doubling (Risk game) - Red/Black
  • Manufacturer: Gaminator Novomatic
  • Wild symbol WILD - IS
  • Free spins Free Spins - THERE are
  • Scatter-YES

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