Saturday 4 April 2020
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Slot machine Beetle Mania (Bugs)

The success of any video slot among the players is due to the exciting gameplay, beautiful graphics and interesting characters. Slot machine Beetle mania is all of these elements: fun bugs, lively ladybugs, caterpillars and colorful butterflies!

One has only to start the game and you will plunge into the unknown world of fauna created by Novomatic.

The rules of the game in the emulator of the Beetle mania slot machine are classic, as for all games of the multi-gamer - from 1 to 9 paylines, from 1 to 100 bet per line, prize combinations are considered to be on the left, there is also a wild symbol that complements the winning lines.

Be sure to present a bonus bonus game, which is activated when three or more symbols of notes in a line.

If you are lucky enough to catch the notes, you will get 10 free spins and a good chance to win a big jackpot. And how without the risk game? Of course it is in Beatlemania and allows the player to significantly increase your winnings and tickle your nerves on divination.

Having played once in the slot machine beetle mania, the player is sure to become a fan of this musical group, whose name is so similar to the legendary Liverpool four "the beatles"!

Features of the slot machine emulator Beetle Mania

  • Number of reels-5
  • Number of paylines-9
  • Max bet Max Bet 900 credits
  • The maximum payout is 900,000 credits
  • Bonus game - THERE are
  • Even chances - Red/Black
  • Manufacturer: Novomatic Gaminator
  • Wild symbol WILD - IS
  • Free spins Free Spins - THERE are

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