Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Игровой автомат Big Catch Gaminator

Big Catch logo

Millions of people on the planet love this kind of holiday, like fishing. This is a gambling hobby that requires patience, experience and certain skills. For fans of this method of pastime Gaminator company has developed a slot machine Big Catch, which translates as A big Catch.

This video slot is imbued with the relaxing atmosphere of real fishing. Use your rod and go ahead for victories!

In order to leave with a big catch, you need to replenish the loan - after all, this paid fishing and start throwing hooks on 5 reels and 20 lines. During the game the possible calm, calm, they won't bite. You will spin the reels and collect symbols in a row. When the winnings will fall off the hook, but if you find a real secret cool place (you can determine it when you drop 5 boards with the inscription Big Catch), then you will begin continuous biting in the form of an interactive bonus game.

The point of the game is that the player will throw the gear on each of 5 reels and catch a variety of fish: goldfish, carp, vomer, Marlene. Each fish has its own value and its prize payments. But there is a fly in the ointment in the big Catch slot machine-if you fail to cast a fishing rod, then catch a leaky Shoe. On This your fishing is over.

Big Catch 2

Divination on the slot at first glance a classic, but it is not. In the risk game there is no divination on the cards. Here the "Win-lose" sign flashes, and even if you do not guess, the symbol of the Lucky loser can work and you will still get your payout! It is for this Big Catch slot machine Gaminator enjoyed by millions of players around the globe!

Big Catch 3

Features of a slot machine Big Catch:

  • Number of reels-5
  • Number of paylines-20
  • Maximum bet Max Bet-1000 credits
  • The maximum payout is 500 000 credits
  • Bonus game - THERE are INTERACTIVE
  • A doubling (Risk-game) - Win/Loss with a symbol of a happy Loser
  • Manufacturer: Gaminator Novomatic
  • Wild symbol - THERE (starfish)
  • Free spins - NO
  • Scatter-YES

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