Saturday 4 April 2020
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Magic Money slot machine from Novomatic gaminator

magic money

The company Novomatic Gaminator has always made great gambling. Magic Money slot machine is not an exception to the rule. The game immediately conveys the essence and atmosphere of this slot machine emulator.

The magic of money is a powerful knowledge that almost all the inhabitants of the planet want to have. This video slot will teach players to handle money carefully, so that they would be happy to return to the owner's pocket.

This game is a classic 5 reel slot with 9 pay lines, bonus games and risk game. Most interestingly, the bonus game is very different from other products of the game.This is not just free spins, this is a real magic roulette, where the player is given the opportunity to try their luck and learn the magic of money.

Magic money slot machine is a fantasy world in which a real fairy tale lives: a good fairy with a magic wand and a wise wizard are fighting an evil dragon. The player needs to help them in this fight, trying to catch three magic suitcases and go to the bonus game where you need to lock the evil dragon in a cage and learn the magic of money.

magic money avtomat

If you take a closer look at the prize game in the Magic Money slot machine, experienced players will draw an analogy with the wheel of fortune.The torsion of the wheel determines the prize and it's so exciting gamblers!

Features of Magic money slot machine

  • Number of reels-5
  • Number of paylines-9
  • Max bet Max Bet 900 credits
  • The maximum payout is 900,000 credits
  • Bonus game - YES
  • Even chances - Red/Black
  • Manufacturer: Novomatic Gaminator
  • Wild the WILD symbol - YES
  • Free spins Free Spins - YES

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