Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Video slot Ultra Hot 

ultra hot

This classic slot will surprise you with only three reels, 5 paylines and a maximum bet of 500 credits. From the first it may seem that due to the small number of lines the game looks outdated and uninteresting.

But just sit down for a slot machine Ultra Hot and you will immediately realize how much mistaken. No wonder they call him - INCREDIBLY HOT!

Do not look at the fact that there are few lines, but what prize cuts fall on them and what big wins you get when playing at the maximum rate. On the reels in a fun dance of chance spinning cherries, sour lemons, juicy watermelons, ripe plums and happy sevens with symbols BAR. When they gather on the lines together-the player is crazy about the fabulous win. After all, if, for example, all the places on the reels will take seven-the player will receive as many as 5 prize combinations!

For a long time, which there is a slot machine Ultra hot, players are so attached to it that they can not imagine a casino without this machine and are always happy to risk their money for playing on it. After all, if you catch the maximum symbols in the form of sevens, stars and BAR, you can go around the world to win!

ultra hot full

In Ultra hot there is also a risk game to double your prize. Here the rules are the same as on other devices Novomatic: go into the risk mode and try to guess the suit of the card - red or black. If you guess right-get money!

Features of the slot machine Ultra Hot 

  • Number of reels-3
  • Number of paylines-5
  • Max bet Max Bet of 500 credits
  • The maximum payout is 750 000 credits
  • Bonus game - NO
  • Even chances - Red/Black
  • Manufacturer: Novomatic Gaminator
  • Wild symbol the WILD - NO
  • Free spins Free Spins - NO

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