Saturday 11 July 2020
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Equipment for installation in gaming machines

Alarm Agent - emergency deletion of information

 Alarm AgentIn business, it often happens that there is a need for an emergency cleaning of the hard drive and removal without the possibility of restoring documents, programs, applications.

If there is such a need to clean one computer - even in this case there can be difficulties. And if you have not one, but 10, 20, 50 computers? And if they are located in different places, on different floors or even in cities?

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Wireless Game Boards "Wireless Games"

Беспроводные платы игровых автоматов

Wireless game boards WireLess Games are an innovative development of Intersoft!

The innovation of devices is the transfer of game data of sounds and video through the air, which allows to provide a remote game on ORIGINAL pay-TV boards. Simply put, there is nothing installed in the case of the machine or terminal except for the monitor and the button panel for controlling the game.

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