Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Alarm Agent - emergency deletion of information

 Alarm AgentIn business, it often happens that there is a need for an emergency cleaning of the hard drive and removal without the possibility of restoring documents, programs, applications.

If there is such a need to clean one computer - even in this case there can be difficulties. And if you have not one, but 10, 20, 50 computers? And if they are located in different places, on different floors or even in cities?

Have you ever thought that with just one click of a key or mouse you can delete the necessary information or even the entire system partition of the hard drive in no more than 3 seconds on any number of computers?

And even physically not in a room with equipment? In this case, eliminate it not only in one office, building or building, but in any number of work sites, provided that they will be in different regions, cities, continents.


We are convinced - you and thousands of other people will answer this question - NO! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE! MIRACLES DOES NOT HAPPEN! IF YOU TRY TO CONVINCE THIS ME - YOU ARE EXTREMELY CRAZY! And fortunately, prove to be wrong!

We made a breakthrough in this area and wrote the program Alarm Agent (liquidator)!!! It will solve all your problems with removing the necessary information on any number of computers!

In addition to the program, we also developed a remote-controlled device for use within a single room or building

 Alarm agent экстренное удаление информации

The remote control in the form of a radio key fob is used to control any number of computers in one building. The device consists of a receiver that connects via a USB connector to a controllable computer and a keyfob with an emergency response button.

Key features of the Alarm Agent liquidator

Ликвидатор Alarm Agent

1. Emergency cleaning of information on hard drives in a matter of seconds without the possibility of recovery.

2. Elimination begins after pressing a hotkey, clicking the mouse on the controlling computer or pressing the button on the remote control.

3. You can start the sweep by being directly in the room with computers, or from anywhere in the world, if all the necessary workstations are connected to your control computer (server)

4. Alarm Agent can simultaneously delete and clean up: applications, files, folders, shortcuts, registry, trash, and entire sections of hard disks.

5. Ability to archive remote information in a secure archive with a password that will be accessible only to you.

6. After an instant removal, the Alarm Agent can automatically launch any application (movie, game, browser, any site, documents).

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