Wednesday 26 January 2022
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Wireless Game Boards "Wireless Games"

Беспроводные платы игровых автоматов

Wireless game boards WireLess Games are an innovative development of Intersoft!

The innovation of devices is the transfer of game data of sounds and video through the air, which allows to provide a remote game on ORIGINAL pay-TV boards. Simply put, there is nothing installed in the case of the machine or terminal except for the monitor and the button panel for controlling the game.

The board can be located in another building or an adjacent room, which gives guaranteed high security to your business!

The quality and range of video signal transmission depends on the type of video-senders used and also on the reception conditions, as a rule, a stable signal in the room is received at a distance of 100-150 meters, which corresponds to the range of transmission of Wireless Games modules.


Platforms supported: Igrosoft, Igrosoft IGP2, Novomatic CF1 *, Novomatic CF2 *, CoolAir, MegaJack, Belatra (and other similar platforms)

The device is designed for remote connection of buttons, electromechanical locks and a bill acceptor to game boards. Together with video / audio signal transmission devices, such a system allows you to take the game board out of the terminal frame (gaming machine). This option allows you to refuse from various kinds of game software emulators, and continue to work on the original gaming platforms, which in turn positively affects the popularity of the game room among players.

Features of wireless connection of gaming boards

  • Algorithm of reliable data delivery to eliminate packet loss when transmitting over the air.
  • Support for simultaneous pressing of several buttons
  • The possibility of binding the transmitter to any receiver
  • Checking the integrity of packets to avoid false positives

For complete rejection of wires, you need to transfer the video and audio signal from the board to the terminal, for this you can use different models of video sensors.

Depending on the number of terminals in your room, you can apply 1, 2, 4, 8, 32-channel video encoders to eliminate mutual interference. Most video encoders can only convert the Video signal, while the boards have only VGA outputs on the monitors, the VGA-Video and VGA-signal converters are used to interface the video sensor with the game board. The complete connection diagram will look like this:

Беспроводная игровая плата

For cards that do not have the Pulse protocol, work with the bill acceptor is not supported.

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