Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Gaming software for casinos Gaminator deluxe edition 2015

Casino Online 2015 Deluxe Edition - online casino luxury program

Игровая онлайн система Deluxe 2015

Casino Online 2015 Deluxe Edition Online gaming software for the Internet clubs, providing the highest level of control over the business and high security. You will have a personal account on the Internet, you will be able to control their rooms and halls connected by you for the interest, will be able to appoint managers for each room or network of rooms, view logs of operations!!!

An important point that games run through Intersoft WebBrowser (in this case, your visitors can combine surfing on the internet and play games) !!! To use the program enough to install a personal account on a regular hosting with MySQL and PHP!!!

You can control your business from anywhere in the world.

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Casino Offline 2015 Deluxe Edition - luxury offline/online casino


Casino Offline 2015 Deluxe Edition breakthrough software for offline gaming clubs, our specialists have been working in the current 2015 year.

To create this high-quality software product We used 14 years of experience in the field of gambling (2001-2008 work in the field of land-based casinos and gaming halls; 2008-2015 - conducting gambling business and innovation environment's Internet clubs and cafes).

As we are experienced players in the first place, all efforts were concentrated on the study's mathematics, which will definitely become popular and recognizable among end users - visitors to Your Internet options. The second not less important task was the development of a colorful, attractive and recognizable design the game lobby and systems management gameplay. This was privlecheny creative designers with interesting ideas. Eventually we got the software, which we can be proud of, and who will be proud of You, placing it in the club!


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Casino Hybrid 2015 Deluxe Edition - luxury offline-online casino

Hybrid Deluxe 2015

Casino Hybrid 2015 Deluxe Edition gaming software for Internet clubs with low speed Internet connection.

In version of the Hybrid carrier part is away Casino Online 2015 Deluxe for remote control room and view the statistics and accounting.

On the client terminals installed games part from Casino Offline 2015 Deluxe for work that does not require an Internet connection, which reduces costs and increases speed.

Software release Hybrid 2015 took place simultaneously with the offline version. This brand new powerful product for Internet cafe which will satisfy even the most demanding players and business owners.

The company Intersoft used all their experience and capacity to create this interesting software, surprising flexibility and opportunities.

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