Tuesday 25 January 2022
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8-905-832-9520  | Skype: Dimitry236  | ICQ: 477814034

Multigame Online PLATINUM for the opening of a gambling club


We present to your attention a program for a gaming Internet cafe that allows you to automate the management of the gaming hall and simplify the accounting.

Such programs greatly facilitate the work of owners and administrators of computer gaming clubs and bring high profits. A user-friendly interface, easy to set up and use, makes it easy to use both clients and club administrators.

Special programs allow to open slot machines and one person to control a large number of computers, avoid overlaps and confusion over time, make work more productive, more profitable, easier and more interesting!



To order and get the program you need for the game club, just write us an e-mail. Also we are available by phone, ICQ and Skype. We accept payment by any means convenient for both parties. Call, write, buy our products and make the work of your computer club easier and more profitable.

The technical description of the software ONLINE you can read HERE.

The difference between Online Platinum and previous versions for computer gaming clubs:

1. A new set of Igrosoft and Belatra games has been added. Added games Keks, Fruit Cocktail 2, Island 2, Alcatraz, Fairy Land. Also included in the system are sets of games Duomatic, Multigaminator CF1, Multigaminator CF2. In total, in a package of 80 games!!!


2. The games are united in a common game-selector with a set of Mega Jack, have excellent original mathematics and lack of the ability to play on the well-known algorithm. Currently, all gaming systems that use the set of games "Igrosoft" allow you to "drain" the extra accumulated interest on the already widely known algorithm of the game. The essence of this algorithm is to play at a minimum bet, with a subsequent sharp increase in it, as well as a change of games. IN THIS VERSION, THIS HOLE DISAPPEARS !!! The set of Igrosoft has excellent mathematics, which definitely appeal to the players.

Island 2 igrosoft  оператор platinum  Fruit Cocktail 2

operator  Лобби оффлайн платинум  Keks игрософт

3. Sets of games Mega Jack, Igrosoft, Belatra work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. Game sets CF1, CF2, Duomatic run on Windows XP SP2, SP3

Programs for computer clubs from the company Intersoft are the best product for Internet cafes. This software is a new generation! Becoming our customer, you will receive the highest quality gaming machines and a powerful management / administration system for the game club.


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