Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Program Multigame 2014 Final Edition with slot machines Gaminator

Multigambler OFFLINE 2014 FE - gambling system for working in offline mode


offline2014mainMultigambler OFFLINE 2014 FE - is more than just great software for your cyber-cafe. Our product has unique features and is able to provide you with maximum convenience of the club administration.

With our product you'll receive: broad technical capabilities, attractive game menu interface and control systems, flexible configuration, clear statistics, smart game math - all this will surely help you to attract new clients.

Features of the gambling system OFFLINE 2014 FE:

1. An integral game menu and an integral credit for each of the game sets. That's indisputably convenient for both the player and the operator.

The client can independently move from one game to another maintaining the credit without asking the operator to transfer it.


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Multigambler ONLINE Gaminator 2014 FE (Final edition)


Multigame Online 2014 Final EditionMultigambler ONLINE 2014 FE - a software solution used to ensure the maximum control of your club.

You have a possibility to control your business from anywhere in the world. 

All you need is your laptop and an Internet access point.

The presence in the system of the most popular slot machines gaminator online, igrosoft, mega jack, which are implemented at the highest level in accordance with the original, will attract customers to your institution!


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Multigambler HYBRID Gaminator 2014 FE (Final edition)



Multigambler HYBRID 2014 FE  a software solution for the rooms with a very slow Internet connection or for the rooms, where only the operator has an Internet access.

For this software version we use the Offline 2014 for the game part and Online 2014 for the operation part. Why? In this case client computers don't need the Internet connection, but the operator's computer is still connected to an external server and can transmit the room statistics to your personal account on the Internet.

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