Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Hybrid gaming systems for casinos with low speed Internet

The gaming system Hybrid Meteora 2016 for Internet clubs

Игровая система Hybrid 2016 MeteoraHybrid Meteora 2016 the most recent and advanced the development of our company! The hybrid version is designed for gaming internet cafe with a slow connection to the Internet.

Quick and easy operation the game program is guaranteed, even when using a dial-up connection or mobile GPRS-modem.

Hybrid Meteora 2016 includes the version of the program operator Online Meteora 2016 and part of the game on the version Offline Meteora 2016.

A distinctive feature of this version from the previous gaming systems and other vendors' programs is the availability of all-new 10 and 20 - line slot with HD- graphics with exciting original bonus games!

These new items will make your restaurant popular with players at other clubs because these games probably will not!


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Online casino turnkey Multigame Hybrid Crown 2021

If you want to buy online casino "turnkey" for your game club or Internet cafe, then cooperation with Intersoft is exactly what you need!

You can see our latest development Multigame Online Crown 2021. This page also provides a full description of the hybrid version of the software.

Multigame Hybrid Crown 2021 consists of an online operator program from Online Crown 2021 and an offline game part from Offline Crown 2021. Such an online turn-key realization of the online casino makes it possible to work on the system in game clubs and Internet cafes with a low speed of Internet connection. You can easily organize the work of an institution from 25 client computers that will operate from a single USB modem such as GPRS-modems. At the same time, your players will not feel any brakes and freezes in the graphics during the game.

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