Saturday 4 April 2020
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Stock exchange program Profit Trade on the basis of slot machines

Exchange terminals Profit Trade for off-exchange trades by binary options

 Биржевые терминалы Profit TradeIn 2015, trading in binary options through over-the-counter transactions has firmly taken an honorable place in the gaming industry. And I took it by right!

This kind of game would not be so popular among ordinary players who are accustomed to the spinning drums of the slot machine, colorful graphics and interesting bonus games. In this regard, many developers of gambling software decided to combine two areas - OTC trading with the usual interface of video slots.

With this implementation, more sophisticated players who understand the securities market can play the game based on the indications of the underlying asset's movement schedules and predict its change.



Read more: Profit Trade description

Exchange terminal service menu Profit Trade

Depending on the version of the program and the access rights, the service menu can contain a different set of main tabs.

Сервисное меню биржевого терминала

Read more: Service menu

System requirements of the stock exchange program Profit Trade

Processor - 2.4 Ghz and higher.

Memory (RAM) – 2 Gb and higher.

• At least 100 Mb of free space on the hard disk

• Touchscreen optional.

Keyboard and mouse (to set the initial settings)

Sound card

Printer (For printing checks) 

Expansion board COM ports, or the presence of two free COM ports on the motherboard

Bill Validator 

Read more: System requirements

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