Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Basic elements of the terminal program Profit Trade

Элементы биржевой программы Profit Trade

  1. Current date and time

  2. Phone tech. Of support

  3. List of LIVE events

  4. The current time of the capitals of the world.

  5. Current balance of the client

  6. Point number

  7. Point address

  8. Game Selection Menu

  9. Information button

  10. "Take money" button

Элементы Profit Trade интерфейс

1. Information about the contract being traded

2. History of traded contracts

3. Current changes in temperature

4. The ID of the current session (client). The new ID is issued on the first deposit of funds and does not change until the closing of the session (the full expenditure of funds or the payment of the entire amount from the account).

5.The current underlying asset. Basic assets are redistributed depending on the number of selected lines.

6.Passport current transaction.

7. Exit the current animation in the game selection menu.

8. Cash payment.

9.Help - a table of payments for the current animation, information about the symbols of additional transactions.

10. Switching between the business view mode (graphs of current indicators) and the animation mode.

11. History of winning trades.

12. Basic information about the current parameters of the transaction.

13. Button for cyclical price selection (denomination).

14.Keys to select the number of traded contracts.

15. Button for entering multiplication mode.

16.Automatic conclusion of transactions, in this mode, the winnings are automatically transferred to credit and the next transaction is made (if there is a necessary balance). This mode can be turned off at any time.

17. The button to start the transaction.

18.The main animation field, in the same field, asset charts are displayed in the "Business View" mode. ''

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