Wednesday 25 November 2020
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8-905-832-9520  | Skype: Dimitry236  | ICQ: 477814034

System requirements of the stock exchange program Profit Trade

Processor - 2.4 Ghz and higher.

Memory (RAM) – 2 Gb and higher.

• At least 100 Mb of free space on the hard disk

• Touchscreen optional.

Keyboard and mouse (to set the initial settings)

Sound card

Printer (For printing checks) 

Expansion board COM ports, or the presence of two free COM ports on the motherboard

Bill Validator 

• The dispenser (dispenser) connected to the COM port.

The operating system is from Windows 7 32/64 and above.

• Installed DirectX 9 and higher

Supported equipment:

Bill acceptor: anyone working on the protocol CCNET through the interface RS-232 (COM), for example CashCode MVU-1024RU7513. Dispenser: Puloon LCDM-1000, LCDM-2000 or Fujitsu

Thermal printer for printing checks: anyone connected via USB interface, defined in the system as a standard printer, with a paper width of 80mm, for example Posiflex PP-6800U-B.

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