Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Exchange terminal service menu Profit Trade

Depending on the version of the program and the access rights, the service menu can contain a different set of main tabs.

Сервисное меню биржевого терминала

1.1. Basic Settings of the Exchange Terminal Profit Trade

Language - select the language of the program interface.

UTC – Select the time zone, to correctly display the time of the capitals of the world, set this value according to your location region.

The phone is the telephone number of the technical support that will be available to customers for communication with the terminal owner. The maximum number of characters is 12.

Show phone number - includes phone number display. Supports in the main window of the program and the window of payment of funds.

Show Terminal Number - enables displaying the terminal number block in the main program window.

Show address of the point - enables the display of the terminal address block in the main program window.

Show license agreement - includes a license agreement when the customer first deposits funds, the license agreement is not displayed when you re-enter the funds before the end of the current session. You can change the text of the license agreement at your discretion, for this you need to correct the text file license_agreement.txt in the root directory.

Show the cursor - to display the mouse cursor on the screen while the program is running.

Require password - restricts access to the service menu with a password.

Master password is the password of the owner of the terminal, which allows you to access all the settings.

Manager password - this password allows you to view statistics, game history, events, and also to clear accounts.

Operator password - password for the terminal operator, gives access only to the accounting department (without the possibility of zeroing), game history and events.

The address - is the address of the point where the terminal is installed. The maximum number of characters is 82.

Min. price – The minimum price (denomination) of an option for access to trading.

Max. price – The maximum price (denomination) of an option on which trades are possible.

Max. value– The maximum total value of the option (the product of the price and the number of traded contracts).

Multiplication limit - the maximum amount to which a doubling game is possible. If the winning amount multiplied by 2 exceeds this limit then the winnings are automatically transferred to credit.

Max. Multiplication steps - the maximum number of doubling attempts, when the set value is reached, the amount of the winnings is transferred to credit.

Percentage - is the percentage of the terminal's return. Attention ! It is recommended to perform a full initialization of the terminal before changing the recoil percentage.

Enable sound - turns on / off the sound effects of the program.

Volume - adjust the volume. Check the current volume level by clicking on the "Test" button.

Enable printer - enables / disables the check printing function.

Printing a check when issuing funds - includes printing checks when issuing cash.

Print receipt when accepting funds - includes printing checks after each receipt of the bill.

1.2. Exchange terminal devices

Bill acceptor is switched on - includes the device of reception of notes.

COM port of the bill-acceptor - number of the COM port to which the bill acceptor is connected.

The name of the bill-acceptor - displays the name of the connected bill acceptor.

Bill acceptor model - displays the model of the connected bill acceptor.

Billing timeout - sets the waiting time for the bill. In this version of the program this parameter is not used.

Dispenser is on - turns on / off the bill dispenser.

Dispenser model - select the model of dispenser used.

COM port of the dispenser - COM port to which the dispenser is connected.

Cassette A denomination - is the denomination of the notes loaded in the cassette A of the dispenser.

Cassette B denomination - is the denomination of the notes loaded in the cassette B of the dispenser.

Dispenser name - Displays the name of the connected bill dispenser.

1.3. Counters and statistics of the exchange program Profit trade

General input - the counter of the amount of accrued funds.

Total output - the counter of the amount of funds issued.

Total bets - the total number of bets played.

Total winnings - the total amount of winning combinations.

Total games - the counter of the total number of games played.

Total free games - the counter of the total number of additional games played.

Percentage of return - the actual percentage of the return of the terminal.

The last date of zeroing - the date and time of the last zeroing of the accounting department.

Reset counters - the zeroing button of the accounting department, reset the counters of the General entrance and the General exit.

The number of bills in the cassette A - the number of loaded bills in the dispenser A cassette. This counter has to be adjusted with each new loading of notes into the cassette. The meter reading changes as the notes are issued.

The number of bills in cassette B is the same as the previous one, only for cassette B.

History is the history of the games played, including doubling games. The program remembers 100 games, if this limit is exceeded, the last game played becomes the first in the list, with the first (oldest) history page being deleted. Navigation through the history of the game is done using the Previous and Next buttons.

1.4. Initialization of the exchange terminal Profit Trade

Initialization is the procedure for completely zeroing the terminal (including internal counters) and returning to the initial settings. Attention ! After initialization, all history and events will be deleted! To start the initialization process, press and hold the "Initialize" button, the countdown starts, followed by the beeps, wait until the process is completed, after the initialization is complete, the corresponding notification will be displayed:

Restart the program. To close the application, use Alt + F4

1.5. Events

This list displays the time and date of important events during program operation: receipt / withdrawal of funds, denomination and amount of accepted / issued notes, access to the settings menu.

1.6. Exit

Quit without saving - returns to the working state of the program without saving the changes. Save settings and exit - save current settings, then restart the program. Shut down - shutdown the program.

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