Tuesday 25 January 2022
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8-905-832-9520  | Skype: Dimitry236  | ICQ: 477814034

Multigaminator.com - Intersoft Company


Intersoft Company was launched in 2008. We specialize on the development to the software to cyber-cafes. We work successfully at the Russian market as well as with the foreign customers.

We create products that simplify your work and helps you to make a profit!

If you become our customer you'll get:

1. High-quality secure software for your Internet-cafe

2. A wide range of games: Igrosoft, Multi-gaminator CF1, Multi-gaminator CF2, Mega Jack, Duomatic (up to 80 games in one menu)

3. Technical support: before the purchase, during and after it we are glad to answer your questions or give you advice. In addition you can install our software remotely with the help of your professionals and programs (like Team Viewer or Radmin).

4. Contacts: We are always ready to arrange a meeting with your to demonstrate our products and give advice on its installation and operation. Also you will receive the sales department and the technical support department contacts - their ICQ, e-mail and telephone numbers.

5. Ability to obtain the software updating for free or at a discount in case you become our customer.

6. Rework: We are always ready to rework the software according to your requirements or individual order. For example, we can change the shell-menu and graphics, as well as the remapping of the active keys. We are glad to listen to your suggestions and to rework the program according to it.

7. Offline and Online versions on a turnkey basis - no interest, no dependence!

8. We constantly search new ideas and develop our products. You can learn more about that reading our news feed. We try to improve our software according to the customers' suggestions. In the near future a special forum for customers will appear, where you can discuss all the issues, related to the software and ask the website administration any questions. That will increase the efficiency of the technical support and will provide you with answers to many of your questions. Also we plan to launch the terminal trade. We are aimed at long-term goals, so we are interested in your suggestions and ideas.

9. Unlike many companies, we do care about giving advice related to the software installations (interests, strategies, security) for your club. Owning a gambling club doesn't always mean making huge profits.

10. Only 12 professionals work for our company that helps us to take all the necessary decisions efficiently and quickly

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