Monday 16 May 2022
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8-905-832-9520  | Skype: Dimitry236  | ICQ: 477814034


 transport en

After 10 years of work, we moved from To a new domain

Contacts at us remained former, except for contact e-mail.

Our new mailing addresses:

Acceptance of orders, consultations and technical support for purchased products will work in the same mode without failures and delays.

Add our new address to your bookmarks to have access to the portal!

We are glad to present you our latest development Multigame ULTRA 2018!!! Multigame Ultra 2018 This is a new game program with the maximum possibilities for the number of settings and the choice of video slots.

 alarmagent2coverWe made a breakthrough in this area and wrote the program Alarm Agent (liquidator)!!!

ОTo solve all your problems with removing the necessary information on any number of computers!

In addition to the program, we also developed a remote-controlled device for use within a single room or building

 Genesis online 2017Casino Genesis Online 2017 is a high-quality gaming product for use in terrestrial Internet cafes and computer gaming clubs.

The innovative difference of this gaming system is the FULL REMOTE CONTROL of your room.


All financial operations, settings, management you can make from anywhere in the world, without being physically in the hall!


Wireless game boards WireLess Games are an innovative development of Intersoft! The novelty of these devices is the transfer of game data sounds and video through the air, which allows you to provide a remote game on the ORIGINAL boards of gaming machines.

In this trading platform, the drums (slots) are a graphical representation of the trading process, the result of transactions and the visualization of the graphs of the temperature changes in the weather. Each second on the charts displays information about the dynamics of an asset. After the transaction on the purchase of contracts in 2-5 seconds, depending on the characteristics of the contract, the financial outcome of the transaction (the amount of income) is determined. During this time, an animated roller with rotating drums is played at the end of which an image appears displaying the result of the deal, similar to that found in game programs.

* - The Profit Trade program is an offline counterpart of trading platforms for off-exchange transactions in the futures market.


In this regard, all versions of the previous programs have been moved to the ARCHIVE SOFTWARE section and the prices for them have been greatly reduced! For discounts and purchase of software products, please call 8-905-832-9520


The new version has the following changes:

1. Added braking of the drums in the Mega Jack game set (at the request of many customers)

2. Accelerated transmission of work data over a network

3. A number of changes have been made in the mathematics of the Multi-Gaminator and Igrosoft game sets

4. Optimized the work of the "Jackpot"

5. Optimized work with consoles

6. Changed the work of the protocol on the accrual / withdrawal of credits in the Mega Jack games set



From 7 to 20 January 2014, we conduct a New Year discount campaign - 30 percent discount for any software !!!

Discount applies to all products! For discounts and purchase of software products, please call 8-905-832-9520

The program bookmaker "Inter Races" is a powerful and reliable solution for bookmakers and online gaming clubs. The program allows you to take bets on horse races, dog races and keno lottery.

Multigambler HYBRID 2013 FE is a software solution for halls with very low Internet speed or the presence of the Internet only on the operator's computer.

Multigambler ONLINE 2013 FE is the software solution for providing the maximum level of control over your club. You can control your business from anywhere in the world. To do this, you only need a laptop and an access point to the Internet

Multigambler OFFLINE 2013 FE is not just great software for your Internet cafe! The product has unique capabilities and gives you maximum convenience in administering the game club.

The program complex "Inter Keno" is an interactive analogue of the entertaining lottery game KENO (Keno).

The Pincode program is an emulator of the payment system for conducting electronic payments through the operator. Pincode works in conjunction with Multigame Offline / Online 2012 FE and greatly simplifies the process of monitoring and managing the Internet cafe.

Electronic European roulette with audio in Russian is designed for individual game of the client for a personal computer in an Internet cafe.

Alarm Agent (liquidator) - utility for cleaning the operator and client computers from the game software in case of force majeure.

Offline system of new generation. Original mathematics, a powerful administration system, a rich selection of games.

The program complex "PIGGYKENO" is an interactive analogue of the entertaining lottery game KENO. The program is designed for use in Internet cafes or bookmakers and allows you to conduct public editions of the Keno lottery.

Added a new set of games Igrosoft and Belatra. Added games Keks, Fruit Cocktail 2, Island 2, Alcatraz, Fairy Land. Also included in the system are sets of games Duomatic, Multigaminator CF1, Multigaminator CF2. In total, in the package 80

The program includes a set of utilities for working with popular offline and online game systems CoolFire2, Igrosoft, Duomatic and Mega Jack from different manufacturers.

The new system includes more than 70 popular games (CF1, CF2, Igrosoft, Duomatic, Mega Jack), has a more powerful and convenient control system, developed by us from scratch, a nice interface (shell menu). It is also possible to enter the game through the browser! Previous system MultiGambler Online v.4.1 is discontinued.

This happened in connection with the quarrel between the hosting provider McHost and the company "Oversan-Mercury." It is not clear who is right or guilty in this dispute, but, as a fact, because of him, more than 30,000 known websites and their visitors were affected. More you can read HERE. In connection with technical problems, the release of the online system MULTIGAMBLER ONLINE was postponed.


Release of new offline systems Multigambler Offline Basic and Multigambler Offline Ultimate. Gold Offline withdrawn from sale.


On March 22, Mega Jack was released. The plans were to release 2 games (Aztec Gold and Champagne), but in the end, we are happy to provide you a full game menu of 12 games!

For the first time in the Runet, a selection of Mega Jack games with original mathematics, sound and graphics is presented! In the near future - ONLINE VERSION MEGA JACK!!!

Multi-Gambler Online - an innovative online software with the ability to deposit deposits through the Internet, for which use is enough for normal hosting with support for MySQL and PHP !!! This system is delivered to the client on a turn-key basis - buy, install and work for yourself - NO INTEREST AND DEPENDENCE FROM OPERATOR !!! And with all this, you can connect other clubs for a percentage.

- All games are converted into lotto: Russian game titles, the main line names are changed, the stakes are changed

- If you already have igrosoft at the club, you can simply purchase DAT. Files and replace them in your version to upgrade it to bingo

The system is a program complex for the organization of play places in the Internet club. Communication client-server is carried out by TCP / IP protocol (the data is transmitted in encrypted form), which allows the system to work both in the local network and on the Internet!

We have opened! Start selling software!


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