Tuesday 19 September 2017
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8-905-832-9520 sales@intersoftgamble.com | Skype: Dimitry236  | ICQ: 477814034

Download a free trial version of the InterKENO lottery program


You can get a more complete idea of the program by reading the free demo version:

Limitations Demo version:

1. At start, the selection of 40 numbers in random order is blocked. The rate is only available for 40 numbers out of 80.

2. The random number selection function is disabled when the ticket is opened.

3. Each bet on a ticket is equal to 100 credits

4. Every 30 minutes the program automatically closes

5. On the check with the information on the rate there is the inscription DEMO



Attention! Before installing the program, familiarize yourself with the system requirements required for its correct Work!

A computer:

Processor (CPU) - Pentium IV and higher

RAM - 1 Gb and higher

Video card 256 Mb and above, with the ability to connect two monitors

Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

 Attention! For the correct operation of the program you need to provide direct access to the hard disk, for this in Windows Vista and Windows 7, you may need to disable UAC, just make sure that you do not have access to the disk Limited to antivirus and firewalls!

The program displays animation and results of runs on a second computer monitor with a resolution of up to 1920x1080 (Full HD)
inclusive! It is recommended to use a video card with two DVI outputs, connecting a second monitor (TV) through
DVI to HDMI adapter.

1. Run the file KenoKassa_Demo_Setup.exe and click "OK"

Демо КЕНО касса

2. Select the installation path and click "Install"

3. Finish the installation by clicking on "Finish"

Касса KENO 3

After a successful installation, run the file C: \ Program Files \ Intersoft \ KenoKassa_Demo \ options.ini and assign the address
The computer where KenoMonitor_Demo_Setup.exe is installed. Operator program is ready to work.

1. Run the file KenoMonitor_Demo_Setup.exe and click "OK"

КЕНО монитор

2. Select the installation path and click the "Next"

Демо КЕНО монитор

3. Finish the installation by clicking on "Finish"

Now you can start the program using the shortcut on the desktop, and start exploring the program Using the Operating Instructions



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